Providing Safe Trade environment and super Trade engine

RayDelta is built on cutting-edge trading tech, allowing erormous amount of trading per second.


Super Fast Trade

Trade orders on raydelta are processed instantly



Our referral program allows you to earn by referring your friends to excxhange and earn from their tradinfg activities


Instant Deposit and withdrawal

Deposit and withdrawal on exchange is processed instantly



Trading on RayDelta allows you to qualify to earn quality airdrops

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24/7 Support

Our support is always available to help if any problem is encountered on the platform.

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Interactive UI
and Clean design

Our exchange has an easy to use interface and friendly to to new crypto traders.

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So…I guess we have some explaining to do!

Raydelta is a crypto exchange platform that supports altcoins , Erc20 and USD ,

RDT token is the utility token of RayDelta exchange, it is used to buy services on exchange like listings,.

RayDelta provides a safe trading environment to our customers, with the latest advanced features and security.

Our Exchange is built oncuting edge code and properly audited before lauch.


Yes, An airdrop Bounty will be held on RDT token.